Customer Testimonials

The place is spotless

Many times we write to Management or Owner with a complaint about an employee or a product. This letter is to compliment one of your staff members.

The woman’s name is Rose. She cleans our building it seems practically everyday and after she is done the place is spotless. She leaves it shiny and looking like the building has just been opened. She always has a smile for you and a kind word even though in order to do what she does, time is of the essence.

In this day and age many times we see people lack any pride in their job. In Rose’s case, we see how much she cares and takes pride. We would appreciate it if you would share this letter with the Owner and Rose herself. We hope her worth is recognized. We are sure if we asked the other tenants to sign this letter they would happily do so as many of them have remarked on the cleanliness and how great things look.

Katherine Scanlon

Always very clean

Wanted to let you know Suite 230 spoke very highly of Terri this morning. They stated every time they enter the restroom it is always very clean and well taken… Read more “Always very clean”