Meet Our Team

LaRose Harrell



LaRose Harrell was here before there was an official EBS building. LaRose is one of the founding employees that helped shape and cultivate EBS into the statuesque place it is now. You will find Mrs. Rose training the present and next generation of EBS employees to clean the EBS Way, as well as bring oversight to our medical building division. She is known for her fast but efficient cleaning techniques which is a part of her training methods. LaRose can be found on the various job sites from the Hampton Road area, Charlottesville, Georgia and North Carolina training and working side by side the employees cleaning the EBS Way. She believes that, “Hard work brings opportunities and opens doors to your success.”

The place is spotless

Many times we write to Management or Owner with a complaint about an employee or a product. This letter is to compliment one of your staff members. The woman’s name is Rose. She cleans our building it seems practically everyday and after she is done the place is spotless. She leaves it shiny and looking… Read more “The place is spotless”

Katherine Scanlon