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Excellence is the degree of assistance and courtesy granted to those who patronize our business. Therefore, achieving customer satisfaction is striving for excellence in every possible way. 

Together we have reached new heights as we excel in being

customer-driven.  The depth of their appreciation for our care and effort to each task, on every job site—to utilize the power of Excellence to build a positive momentum of productivity.


Is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort,

intelligent direction, skillful executive and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. ~ Anonymous 

I admonish you as the company is growing and implementing new and innovative ways to improve our performance and streamline the process of efficiency, grasp hold to these new strategies so that you can execute with boldness and move faster to achieve Excellence in Environmental Building Services.  

On this month develop a positive habit, whether it be making your bed each day, starting your day off with breakfast or greeting a colleague or someone you do not know.  It has been scientifically proven to increase productivity by kick-starting your day with positive momentum. 

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We truly appreciate you!

I wanted to share that we truly appreciate Terri’s help on Friday. The bldg. had a major issue with the sewer line and pushing back raw sewage in the common area 1st floor bathrooms and in the janitors closet sink. She was very quick to jump in and help out and stuck around until our… Read more “We truly appreciate you!”

Nicole Horsley, Property Manager
Hammes Company