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A job well done

Hello, I am the VP at Prime Care Credit Union. We are located inside Sentara Norfolk General hospital in Norfolk, Va. One of your employees is contracted here, currently to work in our ESD department. Her name is Ms. Hayes, and she is employed as a Maintenance Tech.

She has been assigned the credit union as one of her offices to clean. I send this to you today, as I am one who believes not only in complaining about a job that is poorly done, I also believe in complimenting a job well done.

Ms. Hayes has proven to be a diligent worker. She is courteous and always friendly here. She offers to do duties as assigned but will also ask if there is anything else she can do. What particularly struck us was one day the credit union had closed (as we are by the time she arrives to clean). She had completed her work and was exiting the credit union. An employee of the hospital approached her about coming into the credit union. While it is not required of her to know that we cannot let employees in once we are closed, she was quick to point out that we had closed, and at the same time closed the door behind her so that the person could not enter. I mention this, in that it was certainly mindful of our security measures. We have tellers counting money after hours, and it was noted that she closed the door, rather than leave it open while enquiring about when he could next visit. This was not only considerate, but showed that she was attentive to our needs as a financial institution.

This, coupled with her friendly demeanor and attention to the task at hand, leads me to write you today. Ms. Hayes is an employee that your company can be proud is out there representing them. And I wanted you to know.

Robin Neumeister, VP/Operations
Prime Care Credit Union

Always very clean

Wanted to let you know Suite 230 spoke very highly of Terri this morning. They stated every time they enter the restroom it is always very clean and well taken care of. They expressed they can tell she loves her job and takes pride in her work.

The rooms are spotless!

The construction has now been completed and the rooms have been cleaned. I want to send my thanks and appreciation for the condition in which these rooms have been left. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t think that a construction area could be left cleaner than when it started, but that is what’s happened. The gentleman contracted to clean the area finished up a little while ago and those rooms are spotless. He actually cleaned the tops of the lights, wiped down all the chairs, cleaned every nook and cranny (some of which I have admittedly not paid much attention to over the years!), and beyond. I just want to compliment them on a job VERY well done!!! And completed BEFORE the deadline!

Joanne Chaplin
University of Virginia

We truly appreciate you!

I wanted to share that we truly appreciate Terri’s help on Friday. The bldg. had a major issue with the sewer line and pushing back raw sewage in the common area 1st floor bathrooms and in the janitors closet sink. She was very quick to jump in and help out and stuck around until our plumbers arrived. She helped in assisting to use the wet-vac, dumping the vac and assist in the restrooms trying to keep the dirty water from coming out any further into the CA hall. Terri even stayed back through part of her lunch break to assist. We truly appreciated all her help and efforts! We are very lucky to have her as our day porter and part of our team.

Nicole Horsley, Property Manager
Hammes Company

The place is spotless

Many times we write to Management or Owner with a complaint about an employee or a product. This letter is to compliment one of your staff members.

The woman’s name is Rose. She cleans our building it seems practically everyday and after she is done the place is spotless. She leaves it shiny and looking like the building has just been opened. She always has a smile for you and a kind word even though in order to do what she does, time is of the essence.

In this day and age many times we see people lack any pride in their job. In Rose’s case, we see how much she cares and takes pride. We would appreciate it if you would share this letter with the Owner and Rose herself. We hope her worth is recognized. We are sure if we asked the other tenants to sign this letter they would happily do so as many of them have remarked on the cleanliness and how great things look.

Katherine Scanlon