construction site ready for cleanup

From new builds to final cleanup

  • New Building Cleanup
  • Restoration/Remodeling Cleanups
  • Rough Cleanup
  • Final Cleanup
  • General Laborers
  • General Cleaners

EBS Construction Services

In the case of a ground-up new build, remodeling/building restorations, the construction cleanup process takes place in various stages. Depending upon the extent of your project, Environmental Building Services can assist you with Rough Cleanup, Final Cleanup, Exterior Cleanup and much more! Cleaning the spaces of a construction site prior to adding the final element is paramount in ensuring that the final install is clean and secure.

While the project is in the construction stages, we have dedicated and well-trained employees who can come alongside your contractors to keep the interior and exterior areas of the site clean. We offer the services of General Laborers and General Cleaners along with Skilled Laborers to service your construction needs.

The rooms are spotless!

The construction has now been completed and the rooms have been cleaned. I want to send my thanks and appreciation for the condition in which these rooms have been left. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t think that a construction area could be left cleaner than when it started, but that is what’s happened. The gentleman contracted to clean the area finished up a little while ago and those rooms are spotless. He actually cleaned the tops of the lights, wiped down all the chairs, cleaned every nook and cranny (some of which I have admittedly not paid much attention to over the years!), and beyond. I just want to compliment them on a job VERY well done!!! And completed BEFORE the deadline!

Joanne Chaplin
University of Virginia